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Hand Held Power Tools

Power Hand Saw

A Handsaw is a must for most wood working projects. I have used a varitey of hand power saws over the years. This is the current saw I have and have used it for, It works well. Cuts angles up to 50 degrees although not as stable as I would like because of a single small pin in the rear plate support for rotation. I works will with the cutting guide that mounts on the front of the cutting plate. Generally I do not like cordless power saws. My experience is that the batteries do not last well enough between recharges.

Power Jigsaw or Sabre Saw

Jigsaw is another must tool for cutting curves in wood and  thin metal. I think variable speed is a must. A nice feature on this on is the sole plate angles both left and right. A corded version of a jigsaw is more than adequate for the times it is needed.

Cordless Drill

Dewalt DC970K-2

The cordless drill is a bread and butter tool used as a drill and a screw gun. I have several that I have collected but I like this one the best. Good torque at low speed to set screws. The clutch works well at both low speed and high speed.

Small Angle Grinder

Milwaukee® 6140-30

I have owned several angle grinders. I bought about 4 from HF tools and none of them lasted well. The grinding dust seems to distroy the bearings. Finally broke down and bought a Milwaukee based on the recommendation of a friend that had one. Definitely one of the best tools brands I have bought. Would highly recommened anything Milwaukee.

Reciprocating Saw


Went a bunch of years doing projects without one of these,  now I realize how easy this tool can make particulary demolition work. A definite for construction projects but I have used it to cut off work pieces for lathe work and other generally cutting purposes. Need a supply of bimetal wood and metal blades of all lengths up to 12".

Hammer Drill

Ryobi ZRD552HK

Was rebuilding my shop[ after the fire and needed a hammer drill. This drill was the only one available and I think it was a gem. Works both in drill mode and hammer mode. Has generous power. Would only used this as a corded drill. I do not think a cordless would have the power or staying power. This drill is also great using a spiral mixer for paint, grout, sheetrock mud ect.


Cut Out Tool

Dewalt DW660

For drywall work and cutout work this is the cat's meow. Would not dream of doing those jobs without this tool. It will take any 1/4" or 1/8" bits with the supplied collets. Have found other odd jobs with this tool. Some have used it as a CNC router drive.

Oscillating Tool

I went a lot of years without this tool. Saw one advertised on TV and wondered if this effectiveness of this tool is really as great as advertiised. Bought one a couple of years ago from HF tools and I have been really impressed with the things it can do. Did knot want to spend the money on a tool that I would not use. I generally have at least one of all the different blades available. Would recommend a Milwaukee brand of this tool. That is what I will buy when I wear this one out (Note is has survived really well as a HF brand).

List of Blades that I have

 Nail Eater /Demo Blade, Brazed Carbide Rasp, Baised Carbide Grout Remover, Half moon Flush Cut Blade,2.5 in Wide Blade, Circular Flat Blade, Standard Blade, Japan Tooth Blade, 30mm Stainless Steel Blade, 20mm Stainless Steel Blade, 10mm Stainless Steel Blade, Flush Scraper Blade, Flat Scraper Blade, Diamond Multi-tool blade


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