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Benchtop Power Tools

Mig Welder

Lincoln 120 volt flux core Welder

A must for metal work and auto restoration. I have added the 125 cuft 75% argon 25% co2 tank for shielding. You can weld aluminum, stainless and others with this welder but requires metal specific shielding gas. I got the TIG welder to weld these other metals. TIG welding for the most part uses 100% argon for metals I use.

Tig Welder

Riland 20-200 AC-DC Tig Welder

I bought this one about 7 years ago. It works great. No problems, but I believe that Riland USA has gone out of business. Thanks heavens I can work on my own electronics. TIG welders are a must for aluminum and realy pretty weld beads on steel.

Glass Grinder

Super Star II Grinder by Glaster

For stained glass work this cleans up the edges right to the line for perfect fitting glass into the came. I have the older version of this grinder.

Drill Sharpener

Drill Doctor DD750X

Fast and easy drill bit sharpening with no fuss and no other setup.

Metal Lathe

Microlux 7x16 Metal Lathe

A recent acquistion to docsprojectshop. Have only had it about 3 months. Works great have already turned several projects on it. Have the milling attachment and all the bell and whistle attachments. Good tool.


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