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Air Tools

I cannot image of working without air tools. They are almost a necessity for wood or metal work. Here is my collection. The most important part of the aersenal for air tools is you air supply. The volume (CFM) require to run continously the most air hungry tool should direct which compressor to buy. The tool I use that requires the most CFM in a continuous configuration is the pressurized media blaster that requires up to 20 CFM. I tryed running this with two 20 gallon compressors and still they did not keep up. Based on a recommendation of a friend that had one I bought the Ingersoll Rand T30. One of the best purchases I ever made for the shop.

Air Compressor

Ingersoll Rand T30 1 phase

This is a workhorse of a compressor. I use it almost every day. At 14 CFM and a 80 gallon tank, it runs all my air tools effortlessly and without running continuously. I have a ingersol rand air filter and then a Motoguard 110 air filter on the main supply. 

Framing Nailer

Stanley Bostitch F28WW Framing Nailer

For heavy style nailing  with 8d to 16d nails. Must for framing unless you have arms of steel.

Brad Nailer

Bostitch U/BT1855K 18-Gauge

Drives up to 2" brads. For fine finish work in furniture, cabinetry and trim.

Northern Industrial Tools Air Mini Angle Die Grinder — 1/4in. Inlet, 4 CFM, 20,000 RPM

Right Angle Die Grinder

Northern Industrial Tools Air Mini Angle Die Grinder

For gasket removal with a rolox pad, grinding with a carbide grinder, sanding with small pads, polishing with wool bonnets or buffing pads, this is a versital tool. I have several of these in the shop.

Straight Die Grinder

The companion for the right angle grinder. Gets into place the right angle can't. Again I have several of these.

Cut Off Tool

Air cut off tool for cutting metal

Random Orbit Sander

6in DAQ Random Orbital Sander with Pad

This is from Eastwood.com. Great sander works in both random orbit and high speed. Requires 5 CFM and continueous supply. Have a couple of these with several different pads for velco paper and sticky paper.

Media Blaster

ATD 90 Pound Abrasive Blaster 8402

Bought from eastwood.com. Great blaster. Have used with  Black Diamond Media and starlight media

Soda Blaster

100 Pound Soda Blaster

This blaster is from eastwood.com and basically is a regular media blaster with their soda convertor valve. Like the soda to remove paint without any effect to metal, fiberglass, rubber or trim.


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