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Other Miscellaneous Tools

This is a mishmash of tools that I have that really do not fit into any other category.

Central-Machinery 68385 English Wheel Kit with Stand

English Wheel

Central Machinery

This tool is for forming curves and comound curves in a flat piece of metal. Primary used in car restoration but I have found a few other used for it. This is one of the few items that I have purchased from HF tools that is good enough for the occasional user. Would recommend it,

Compact Metal and Rod Bender

Another item from HF tools that gets occasional use in my shop; however, have a number of projects in the planning stages that are for sale items that will require this tool. It mounts to the concrete floor.

Foot Operated Metal Shrinker/Stretcher

This tool mount to the concrete floor and used for form curves and compound curves in bent metal. Great for doglegs, truck corners, windshield corners.

48" Box Pan Brake

Tennsmith HBU48-16

For metal work bending, this is great for forming boxes and bending metal up to 16 gauge steel.

14" Slip Roll

Tennsmith HRs48

For forming circles and rings in metal up to 16 gauge. Can make ring out of cold roll round stock up to 3/8.


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