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Hand Tools Wood and Metal

Hand tools are by definition are manual and not powered. I am generally of the mindset to used technology (power, motors, computer, guides) to perform the required task in a accurate and precise manner, but some jobs and fine tuning of machined work is best accomplished by the correct hand tool. For more detailed information about hand tools, there use and a buyer's guide look into www.woodandshop.com

Irwin Pull Saw

Pull saw or Japan Saw is the best for fine cuts in trim with a small kerf and control with cutting on the pull instead of the push as in conventional saws.

Traditional Handsaw or Panel Saw

I do not use a panel saw often, but there is an occasional time that one fits the job. I have several different make of crosscut  panel saws. If you are ripping with one you will need a ripping panel saw.

Stanley 1 3/8" Chisels

Chisels are a must for woodworking. I have two different types of chisel. Rough work chisels that are used for general wood chisel work and other work where a sharp stiff blade is a necessary such as glue removal. These hold a reasonable edge without much work and can be resharped easily. If these chisels hit a nail or something hard and damages the edge, I do not get upset. I will use a regular  hammer to drive these without much thought.

Narex Premimum Chisel set

These chisels I consider a special tool that gets special care. These are only used on wood cabinet or furniture type building projects. I keep them razor sharp with a oil stone and finish with a power buffing wheel. These are NEVER hit with a regular hammer, but always with a wood mallet. One of my favorites mallets are the ones turned from dogwood.


Hammers, Hammers, Hammers. One needs a variety of hammers. For most I do not care what brand they are. Here is the small list of what I have.

Variety of claw hammers - Small 6 ounce to 22 ounce framing hammer with longer handle and serrated face. My favorite for general work is the 18 ounce with a straight claw.

Ball Peen Hammers -   set from 8 ounces to 32 ounces

Rawhide Hammer and Softface Hammer

Rubber Hammers - 12 ounce particularly for closing cans without damaging lid and a 2 pound

3 to 4 lb small sledge hammer

Dead Blow Hammer 32 ounce

Wooden mallets

Plastic Mallets


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